By: Jen Levisen, Communications Director, Mortarr

Working with Mortarr subscribers, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing some amazing people and writing about some incredible projects and products. I mean, have you seen Mortarr’s Inspiration feed lately? But I’ve never had a product make me smile before. And it turns out Oprah feels the same way. Have you heard of Kindle Living?

Heat and light for the design-obsessed

The Los Angeles-based company has turned the outdoor heating and lighting world on its head with their high-end, innovative and whimsical designs. This is not your mother’s outdoor light and heater.


Back in 2010, David Tannenbaum, Kindle Living’s co-founder and managing director, told the Los Angeles Times the idea originated from two longtime, design-loving, patio-hanging friends who were fired up about the lack of chic, stylish, photo-worthy, and front-of-house worthy outdoor heating and lighting solutions.


David and Arturo Fis, Kindle Living’s co-founder and designer, combined their knowledge of product design, technological finesse, and business savvy with a commitment to local manufacturing and sustainability to create Kindle Living.


“From the day Arturo put idea to paper, we’ve single-handedly made it possible for outdoor heaters and lights to have the visual appeal of indoor furnishings — ones that no longer detract from any design aesthetic,” says David. “We’ve provided a design overhaul to an industry that has been essentially overlooked since the utilitarian patio heaters of the 1960s.”


Fast forward 10 years, and the company has amassed dozens of design awards around the world and has its products in over 50 countries.


Don’t take my word for it, or David’s for that matter. Kindle Living’s client roster is proof enough: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, The Peninsula Hotels, MGM Grand, and The Walt Disney Company just to name a few.


Recently, I asked Arturo and David to introduce me to a few of their favorites from their lineup of products. Get ready to smile

Meet Bella.


The antithesis of the ho-hum heater, Bella features gentle curves, sophisticated styling, and unrivaled performance in luxury, outdoor heating, and lighting. Currently, Bella is Kindle Living’s most popular model. A more streamlined version of their original Allison, this heater and light comes in three different finish options and projects 8 feet of heat all around.


“All Kindle Living components are made of 100% recyclable composites, as seen with Allison, Bella, and Caroline, or sustainable woods, like with Sierra, and are handmade and assembled in Southern California — two things we’re incredibly proud of,” says David.  “We started with a viewpoint of making something more efficient, more durable and more resilient to the elements while at the same time, making them something you could be proud to own and touch.”  

Say hello to Blumen.


This floor lamp is going to glow your mind … sorry, I had to. Kindle Living’s Blumen, their newest addition is an over 7 foot indoor/outdoor mood-inducing floor lamp that marries the whimsical design and high-tech capabilities the company is known for with sustainability. Blumen can be operated from the convenience of your phone. From an app you can control each of the five LED blubs, creating custom combinations of color, hue, and brightness from 16 million colors, including 1,000 shades of white, and pair the light with music so you can see and feel the mood. 

Allow me to introduce Sierra.


Handcrafted from sustainably grown African Mahogany or Honey Bamboo by a Los Angeles-based carpenter, Sierra is a limited-edition piece of art. Along with Sierra’s sculptural appeal, the design of all Kindle heater shades results in a more effective heating canopy, says Arturo. 


“The shade helps direct the heating elements down where the people are like a wonderful cashmere blanket,” Arturo explains.

Kindle Living has raised the bar.


“We’ve done it better and brighter, with a game-changing line of mix-and-match products, finishes, and accessories,” says David. “We’re designing for those who agree that a compromise is never an option and once outdoors, most of us want to remain there.”

For more from Kindle Living, check out their Mortarr profile.

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