By: Jen Levisen, Communications Director, Mortarr

From privacy solutions to shared social spaces, to environments that allow individuals and groups to not only focus but restore, Haworth proved again that they are the leader in adaptable workspace environments at the 51st annual NeoCon.


The Holland, Mich., based company showcased the full breadth of their capabilities and partnerships throughout their permanent indoor showroom and as the exclusive furniture supplier for the NeoCon Plaza, a new outdoor amenity space along The Mart’s South Drive. Designed by Gensler Chicago, and brought to life in partnership with Forward Fruit Branded Environments, the plaza offered visitors a spot to connect and recharge, all while enjoying views of the Chicago River, Riverwalk and cityscape.


“Social spaces are flexible, communal and inspiring, so people can pause, gather, connect and refresh. And, for a lot of these areas, outside is the new in,” says John Scott, Senior Workplace Design Strategist at Haworth. “In order to creatively develop solutions and reduce the stress in our work lives – go outside.”


The company’s third floor showroom highlighted similar intentions, with a focus on creativity and innovation.

“We’re talking about two different ways of working – focused and restored – and within that, what the needs are to do that type of work individually, in a small group and within a larger group,” says Lauren Frieling, Dealer Sales Manager at Haworth. “This year we want to talk about how people can work in multiple different areas, so the focus is not just on the work station.”