By: Danilo Dorsey, Business Development, Mortarr

What’s the difference between a professional and brand profile? Well, it all

 comes down to what you do.


If you are a service-based company such as an architectural or engineering firm, a general contractor, a subcontractor, or a designer, you’ll want to create a professional profile, which allows you to highlight the services you offer and showcases photos of your work in unlimited Project Galleries. A unique feature in Mortarr’s Project Galleries is the ability to tag other professionals you worked with on the projects, increasing your company’s visibility on the platform.

If your company is product-based — say you sell window treatments, flooring, or countertops — you’ll want to create a brand profile. What’s the difference? Brand profiles on Mortarr feature Showrooms that allow brands to showcase and tag their products in images.

The best part? With both professional and brand profiles, your photos are fed into Mortarr’s photo gallery where users browsing the site can be inspired and learn more about your company’s work or your brand’s products.


Whether you provide professional services or commercial products, you make a living by building dreams, ideas, and visions into beautiful business. Mortarr gives you the platform to share your best projects and promote your products to draw the attention of new clients.

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