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Published March 23, 2023

2023 Colors of the Year

In times of inclement weather, people start thinking ahead to sunny skies and projects that will beautify their spaces. There’s a lot of inspiration out there now, especially around color! Stay up on consumer color trends and be ready for projects with colors your customers will love.


Every year industry experts pitch the color choices they predict will make a splash. No surprise that this year there seem to be conflicting views on our changing tastes. Some color pros believe that neutrals will soften the blow of the daily news cycle and lend themselves to creating sanctuary spaces. Others are predicting that the current mood is a desire for vibrancy and valiant hues.


All of the colors we surveyed have some nod to the natural world, whether it is a forest at night or a butterfly’s bright wings. With the constant hum of technology in everyday life and the rise of AI bringing uncertainty, it appears humans are craving to embrace the environment.


We have also seen an increasing rise in design aesthetics flowing from indoor to outdoor spaces. Architectural elements, including railings, have adapted to offer standard hardware finishes to help customers create a cohesive look.


With the launch of ColorEasy™, we introduced a variety of on-trend and classic colors, several of which are grounded in nature. Our wood grain powder-coated top rails give the warmth of organic materials and can offset cool, brilliant colors. We also added surprising hues, like Sparkling Champagne, that give a spark of exuberance for those looking to zhush up their space. See how ColorEasy™ matches up with the chosen colors from industry tastemakers for 2023.

Sherwin Williams Dark Room.jpeg

Photo credit: by Maxime Brouillet

Sherwin Williams: Darkroom


As periods of restriction and uncertainty continue to shape daily life, the Vintage Homestead collection looks to the past to instill comfort and ease. Darkroom, our featured color, is a comfortable, yet elegant choice. A restrained black that is both modern and retro in its dimension, it invites us to slow down and take a break in a space that is both elegant and cozy. Paired here with Sparkling Champagne and showing CableRail infill. Also shown: Iron Gray, Coffee Cream, and Brickyard Red.

Pantone Magenta.jpeg

Pantone: Viva Magenta

Vibrating with exhilaration and depth, this expressive hue straddles the line between red and pink in a bold and decisive way. Says the brand, "Viva Magenta galvanizes our spirit, helping us to build our inner strength." This is a true stand-out statement tone, to be used in bold splashes or pops of color to manifest deep joy. Seen here with DesignRail® in Bright White with CableRail infill. Also shown: Dove Gray, Blue Steel, and Sparkling Champagne.

Krylon Spanish Moss.jpeg

Krylon: Spanish Moss


Sophisticated comfort, accompanies a strong connection to the richness of nature in this color from Krylon. It evokes scenes of dense forests and works to balance both warm and cool palettes. This moody green is perfect for DIY accent pieces, and there are plenty of examples of the Krylon website for DIY’ers. Paired here with DesignRail® in Hartford Green with CableRail and a Cherry Wood Grain Top Rail. Also shown: Coffee Cream, and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Glidden Vining Ivy.jpeg

Glidden: Vining Ivy


A tranquil mix of blue and green, an energizing blend that grounds with its intensity. This deep jewel tone is a perfect reflection of the year ahead, dark yet strong with a touch of lightness.


Perfect when paired with warm wood accents, seen here with DesignRail® with Laser-Cut Aluminum Panel in Seagrass® powder coated in Blue Steel. Also shown: Textured Black, Modern White, and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Ben Moore Raspberry Blush.jpeg

Benjamin Moore: Raspberry Blush


This dramatic, saturated tone packs a punch! It’s a deliciously warm shade that cheerfully pushes your comfort zone without creating conflict. A vibrant red-orange that will liven up a room and lends drama when coupled with neutral accents. Paired with DesignRail® in Matte Black with CableRail infill. Also shown: Silver, Iron Gray, and Sandstone.

Behr Blank Canvas (1).jpeg

Behr: Blank Canvas


Finally, find your center with this rich, warm neutral shade. Step away from the chaos of the world and embrace calm with this gorgeous, creamy tone that creates a welcoming aura to soothe the soul. See here with DesignRail® in Textured Black with Silver aluminum picket infill. Also shown: Coffee Cream, and Wood Grain Top Rail in Weathered Oak.


Whether your next client desires a punch of color or a calm respite, these colors are sure to be winners!


Feeney, Inc. manufactures and distributes a diverse line of architectural products for residential and commercial construction projects as well as wire rope and rigging products for industrial uses. Their main architectural products include CableRail railing infill cable assemblies, DesignRail® aluminum railings, TrellisCollection cable & rod trellis kits, and decorative and structural rod assemblies. Their industrial rigging segment offers cable, wire rope, chain, cordage, and rigging hardware products as well as custom fabrication services.


Discover Feeney, DesignRail® aluminum railings and the ColorEasy™ line of powder-coated colors on Mortarr and at

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