The Mortarr Awarrds MMXX celebrate the most inspiring pros and brands in the commercial construction and design industry in 2019. Mortarr Awarrds honor subscribers making waves within the industry, and across the globe through their extraordinary work changing the skyline of the built environment and the digital landscape.


This isn't one of those award show rackets that charges you to enter or forces you to listen to some presenter drone on about why they're amazing and you're not. You don't even have to fly to a host city and make small talk with strangers. Check back on January 24th for the most inspiring digital award show experience you've ever attended.

MMXIX WINNER: ProAdvantage




You hear that? It’s the sound of shock and awe. In order to win this Awarrd, a Company has to be willing to drop a few jaws through the sheer power of their work alone. The winning project needs to blow us away not only through each individual photo, but the entire series as a cohesive unit. Now please excuse us as we pick ourselves off the floor.

MMXIX WINNER: Gardner Builders




Ready. Aim. Fire. Creating the perfect photo gallery from beginning to end takes a keen attention to detail. This Awarrd celebrates that dedication. A gallery should tell the story of what a product can bring to a space and a project. Seamlessly blending in while making a unique statement. When it comes to capturing this in all their images, it’s safe to say that the Brands up for this Awarrd never misses their mark.

MMXIX WINNER: superGraphics

WINNER ANNOUNCED: January 24, 2020



Becoming an amazing Brand is as easy as 1, 2, 3. One: Have an incredible product. Two: Implement it perfectly. Three: Create an amazing Mortarr profile. That’s it! Now we’ve given you all the secrets you need to see your name here next year. This Awarrd goes to the best overall Brand profile on Mortarr.

WINNER ANNOUNCED: January 24, 2020



It’s important to play well with others — mom said that, didn’t she? Becoming successful in the AEC industry requires a strong commitment to collaboration. Not only does Mortarr provide a platform for this, we celebrate it as well! Tagging collaborators gives context to a project and brings a Pro’s work even more to the forefront. This Awarrd goes to the most collaborative Pro on Mortarr. As the old saying goes, “Work nice, play nice!”

WINNER ANNOUNCED: January 24, 2020



No one should have to go it alone, and this Awarrd recognizes the Brand most committed to working with others, and giving credit where credit is due. It requires collaboration to get your product into great projects and luckily Mortarr provides the very tools to do just that! The nominees of this Awarrd know you have to work with the best to be the best.

MMXIX WINNER: Granicrete Minnesota

JUDGE: Peter Davis

Designer, CMYK Group

JUDGE: Betty Johnson

CEO, Priority Design

JUDGE: Jack Fu

Creative Director, Ursa Minor

JUDGE: Caitlyn Olsen

Architect, Smith Brothers

JUDGE: Joy Sartori

Designer, Stripe and Company