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Published July 9, 2020

A Beautiful Offering

Featuring: Surfacing Solution


By Jen Levisen


Natural wood has been a much used, much celebrated design element for decades. Not only does it help to bring the outdoors in, it also infuses whatever space it’s in with a unique warmth.
Looking to add natural wood to your next commercial project, but wanting to avoid the more traditional wall paneling approach? Allow us to introduce Surfacing Solution’s new line of hand-assembled, thermally-modified mosaic wood tiles, Forest Elements.

Currently available in 20 patterns, Forest Elements Wood Mosaic Wall Tiles provide a durable, yet lightweight design option for full walls, accent walls, bar fronts, wainscots, and everything in between.


Thermal modification uses heat to remove organic compounds from the wood, leaving it naturally more durable and biologically resistant to microorganisms and insects, says Jeramey Fistrovich, President and Co-Owner of Surfacing Solution.

“The process also essentially bakes out a large percentage of the moisture in the wood, so it’s lighter in weight than other traditional wood tiles and the expansion and contraction from seasonal changes is minimal,” he says.

The process also gives the tiles a rich, caramelized color that can’t be achieved with stain. A UV topcoat is used to increase durability. To make things even easier, the tiles are easily installed on a variety of solid surfaces – think drywall, plywood, OSB, sheetrock, or masonry surfaces­­ – with a standard latex tile adhesive.


While Surfacing Solution, based in Chaska, Minn., made its mark on the commercial industry with its solid wood tambour offerings over 30 years ago, it’s lines of wall coverings and acoustical solutions has continued to grow. Their three core products lines include decorative ceiling tiles, tambour, and acoustical products.