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Published December 2, 2021

A Copper Showstopper

Dri-Design’s aluminum panels match innovation for innovation.
Featuring: Dri-Design

DCS_3650 1.png

By Tynan Pratumwon
Staff Writer

With a visualization classroom, 3D learning capabilities, and a training center for hands-on learning — there's no shortage of impactful education opportunities inside Ventura College's Applied Science Center in Ventura, Calif.


But innovation isn’t just for the interior. The 18,600 square-foot building is covered in a shimmering façade of copper-colored aluminum panels, all oriented at different angles, giving the light a spectacular shimmering quality as the students move in and around the building.


Those panels are Dri-Design’s 0.080-inch painted aluminum Tapered Series and Perforated Panels. Tapered panels are on both the inside and outside of the building; the panels flow seamlessly to connect the spaces and invite students inside to explore and learn.


“Metal panels are the ideal choice when technology is the driving force of a building’s purpose and design,” says Brad Zeeff, president of Dri-Design. “For Ventura, the dimension of the tapered panels along with the color selection speaks to the high-tech work going on inside.”


Dri-Design’s tapered series panels can be customized to angle in many different directions. . The team created their panels to be able to be installed directly to the substrate without the need for added clips, and they do not require any joint sealants or gaskets. This allows each application of these panels to be completely different upon final installation, every time.


Introducing Dri-Design

What started in the back of a shop, has since sparked into one of the most innovative and evolved metal wall panel system companies in the country. Dri-Design was formed nearly 20 years ago by the hands of a team that sought a better panel system after their own 30 years of experience in selling and installing traditional ones. Delamination, staining due to joint sealants, rising costs of production, inefficient installation practices, and lack of color, texture, and design options were the norm in the industry — and they wanted something better.


After in-depth research and meticulous engineering, a never-before-seen metal wall panel system came to life. It can attach to nearly any substrate without clips or extrusions, is a 100% recyclable, pressure equalized rain-screen, architectural metal wall system that’s one of a kind. It never delaminates, never stains due to joint sealants, gaskets, or butyl tape, and is manufactured and installed faster than any other product in the market. The efficient system is available in an unlimited palette of colors, finishes, materials, textures, and custom perforations.


Learn more about Dri-Design, their other stunning projects, and their full product line on Mortarr and at



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