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Published February 18, 2021

A Napkin Sketch

Featuring: OCL Architectural Lighting


By Jen Levisen


They love people with imagination. They understand a blank page to be both freedom and torment. Understand that it always begins with an idea, a vision. And they recommend ordering another espresso and starting with a napkin sketch.


OCL Architectural Lighting’s talented team of lighting engineers and designers works with the latest technologies and cutting-edge tools to create fixtures that are unique, built to last, all while recognizing the responsibility to balance both function and form.

“We strive to be one with the design community and continually provide thoughtful solutions that deliver the artistry and quality our clients come to us for,” says Andrew Schainker, Sr. Product Designer, OCL.

"Our team constantly challenges each other to understand the customer experience, and then push boundaries for them."


With almost 50 years in the lighting industry, the St. Louis-based manufactured has built a reputation on always delivering an outstanding and unique bespoke solution, crafted with a particular eye for beauty and detail.


“The imagination and creativity of the designers we have worked with has led to some unbelievably unique custom installations, but also some of our most popular standard luminaire offerings,” says Brad Glotfelty, Marketing Specialist, OCL.

Experience OCL’s custom and modified fixtures.

OCL partnered with project architect, LMN Architects, and lighting designer, HLB Lighting Design, on the towering 45-story downtown Seattle hotel. The end result is a welcoming atmosphere featuring standout fixtures in public spaces and destination ballrooms that are not only high performing and flexible but emote character and mood.


A highlight of the hotel? The main lobby’s custom chandelier, featuring OCL’s Glowstick fixture. Lead Project Designer, Michael Lindsey, told LD+A Magazine that, “the key was having a strong concept and engaging with [OCL Lighting] from the beginning to the end and leaning on their expertise to turn the vision into reality. The tunable lighting and controls used throughout the design helped the project achieve a LEED Gold certification.

Designers Anderson/Miller, LTD., Hugh Lighting Design, and Ann Kustner Lighting Design, and architectural firms Gensler and Goetsch Partners collaborated with OCL on the unique, custom lighting fixtures used throughout the South Loop hotel.


The fixtures include interior bespoke globe pendants, and a one-of-a-kind installation created from over 2,500 laser-cut metal petals and arrayed with hundreds of LED illuminated glass globes and downlights, that fills the pre-function hallways on two floors.

One of the finest business addresses in Atlanta, One Buckhead Plaza matches its world-class restaurant and hotel neighbors in amenities, convenience, and design. OCL partnered with ASD | SKY, an Atlanta-based architectural firm, on custom lighting fixtures featuring Glowstick.

Experience more of OCL’s custom fixtures in their Custom Lighting showroom on Mortarr


Sr. Product Designer, OCL


Marketing Specialist, OCL

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