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Published December 2, 2022

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A Shopper’s Paradise


Tis the season to retail! Forum editors have curated their favorite retail spaces from Mortarr’s Inspiration feed, starting with Do Good Work’s Clash de Cartier. We all can dream, right?!


What does a high-end luxury goods conglomerate do to launch two new collections? Create an immersive exhibition in West Hollywood, of course, featuring a soundscape designed by Grammy-winning musician Finneas. Cartier partnered with Snarkitecture to conceptualize the space, and design developers Do Good Work to bring the space to life for the launch of their Clash [Un]limited and Clash de Cartier collections

“The exhibition was a surreal three-part journey that led you from a distorted Hausmann apartment into a mind-bending deconstruction and eventually through faceted walls of mirror that mesmerized as thousands of polished picots bounced light around the exhibit,” says Nathanael Balon, owner of Do Good Work. “Development, production, and installation was a four-month collaborative process ultimately culminating in a once-in-a-lifetime space.”

acuity-brands-fao-schwarz-sales-floor-1-1920x1920 (1).jpeg

Company: Acuity Brands

Products: Gotham® Lighting, Juno®, and Aculux®

Project: FAO Schwarz


Details: An iconic American toy brand, FAO Schwarz’s flagship store in New York City features lighting products from Acuity Brands - Gotham® Lighting, Juno®, and Aculux®. This project was done in collaboration with 37 Volts and Acuity Brands agent NY Digital.

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Company: ASI | Architectural Systems, Inc.

Project: Macy’s Shoe Salon

Product: Custom Hardwood


Details: The Macy's Shoe Salon in Herald Square, New York City, features custom hardwood by ASI | Architectural Systems, Inc. The custom flooring is used throughout their entire retail space in a herringbone pattern to reflect the history of the 112-year-old department store.

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Company: Glasshape

Product: Glasshape® 12mm (1/2") Tempered Starfire

Project: Rolls Royce at the Post Oak Hotel


Details: The Post Oak Hotel at Uptown Houston, Texas, blends extensive conference facilities, prominent office space, designer fashion, signature dining, and sophisticated amenities all in one tower. Designed by Gensler, the tower features a custom grand staircase fabricated by Glasshape® to grace the Rolls Royce showroom. Glasshape’s Bent Glass was 12mm (1/2") Tempered Starfire with highly polished edges and was attached to the structure with stainless steel stand-offs. With glass on both sides of the staircase, this allowed the 3-level storefront windows to encase the showroom with light and space.

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Company: GSky

Project: Gallery Furniture

Product: VERSA WALL®


Details: Gallery Furniture opened its third showroom in Richmond, Texas, featuring GSky’s soaring VERSA WALL® at 45 ft. in height with close to 12,000 plants. It is a beautiful centerpiece that sets the tone for the type of environment that is organic and pleasant.

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Company: Andre Kikoski Architect

Project: The Wyckoff Exchange


Details: The Wyckoff Exchange, forged from two abandoned warehouses in Bushwick, Brooklyn, transforms 10,000 square feet into a compelling retail venue. Its trademark façade is created with simple awning-style warehouse doors that are clad in double layers of weathered corten steel. The panels are laser-cut with a dynamic gradient pattern and internally illuminated by concealed LED lighting to create a dramatic building facade. The Wyckoff Exchange defines this ever-evolving neighborhood and has become an icon in its own right.

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Looking for even more retail design inspiration? Head to and explore products, projects, and the professionals that bring retail spaces to life.

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