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Published December 12, 2021

Best Of | 2021 Edition

Featuring: Above View, Giroux Glass, Fluxwerx, Durasein, OCL, DIRTT, Acuity Brands, Glasshape, MAQE, domusstudio architecture, Sherwin Williams, and Tamlyn.


By Mortarr Staff Creators

Welcome to Best of 2021 edition. For the past year, we’ve been saving, taking note, and sharing our favorites in anticipation of this list and we finally get to share it with all of you. From across the Mortarr platform, we’ve curated the best of products, professionals and products for your viewing, and inspiration-building, pleasure. Prepare yourselves … and your Design Rooms. We anticipate a lot of saving in your future.


Above View + Monroe Amenities

The dramatic ceiling in the hub of a modern office building features Above View's Pyramid 4 Ceiling Tiles. This 4" deep design, combined with a unique seamless lighting solution, creates a melody of light and form. The Monroe Amenities office space was designed, and ceiling the ceiling tiles were specified, by Gensler’s Phoenix office. See More >


Giroux Glass + Pendry West Hollywood

Every city has a center. For Los Angeles, it’s West Hollywood. Located on the Sunset Strip, the Pendry West Hollywood and Pendry Residences West Hollywood by Montage Hotels & Resorts offer a fresh take on modern luxury — how very L.A., right? See more >

fluxwerx-portal-pendant-gallery-office-pendant-cafe-design-1920x1920 (1).jpeg


No product or line in particular, just Fluxwerx full stop. The manufacturer of high-performance, LED luminaires has established itself at the forefront of LED lighting technology — and on our innovators list — since being founded in 2011. With their distinctive product offering and breakthrough proprietary anidolic optics technology, Fluxwerx’s luminaires offer substantial energy savings (love!), lighting quality, and remarkable lifetime. See more >



Made of two-thirds natural minerals and one-third high-performance acrylic resin and pigments, Durasein’s stone-like material is easy to clean and resists scratches, stains, chemicals, heat, and mildew. Explore their Workplace gallery featuring their Timeless collection in Artic White and Rooted Collection in Cherrywood. See more >


OCL’s Glowstick ™ Diverge

The kid in us loves the name, the adult is us is dying to specify the product. OCL Glowstick Diverge provides an elegant & contemporary design with end lit diffuser. And, custom configurations are possible. See more >


DIRTT + Kiewit Headquarters

Kiewit is a massive construction company with a spot on the Fortune 500. They build everything from bridges and dams to oil rigs. So, when they set out to build their new headquarters, it had to be a showstopper and they knew they had to work with DIRTT. And we’re so glad they did. See more >


Glasshape + Waterline Square

The Waterline Square, a three-tower, luxury residential development located along the Hudson River on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, was developed by the GID Development Group, and brought to life, in part, by Glasshape. Working with GID and the architect, Craig Chowaniec of The Rockwell Group, Jaroff Studios took on the challenge of realizing the Client’s vision of the Waterline Club and partnered with Glasshape, to field measure, design, manufacture, and supply the Bent, Tempered and Laminated 5/8” Low Iron Glass for the Circular Staircase, adjoining Walkway and overhead Bridge. See more >

apartment-exterior-design-acuity-brands-hanging-linear-lighting-1024x1024 (1).jpeg

Acuity Brands + Society Las Olas Apartments

Tropical sunshine and endless tranquility. And Acuity Brands LUMISTIK pendants. Need we say more? The Society Las Olas Apartments, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, features lighting products by Acuity Brands - Luminis®. See more > 


MAQE + City Point

We pride ourselves on our obsessions. And so, it turns out, does MAQE. With a client list that spans the globe and all commercial sectors, MAQE is recognized for its representation style and techniques, and for its obsession to master every detail of its images. See more and get obsessed >


domusstudio architecture

They came, we saw, we fell in love. Are you familiar with domusstudio architecture? The San Diego-based firm’s name “domus” is Latin for house, which reflects that most of their projects are owner-occupied, i.e. “houses” for books and firefighters, “houses” for children and youth (education sector), and “houses” of worship. See more >  


Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings + Salesforce Transit Center

Already an established landmark in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Salesforce Transit Center has re-imagined a transportation hub as part of an inclusive, urban experience. Designed by Pelli Clarke & Partners to achieve LEED Gold certification, the building’s exterior is enveloped in a gracefully curving cloud of laser-cut metal that elegantly balances natural light and shade. The façade’s lace-like veil features a mathematically derived, continuous nonrepeating Penrose pattern. Enhancing their delicately patterned, dynamic appearance, Architectural Systems, Inc. (ASI) finished the metal using a pearlescent White Shimmer in Fluropon® Effects Nova by Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings. See more >


Tamlyn + Toki Tako

The Mortarr crew is never going to shy away from tacos. Throw Tamlyn into the mix and we’ll be there every night. Tamlyn used their BLF-600 profile within the interior of this restaurant. See more >

Looking for even more commercial design inspiration? Head to and explore project inspiration, top products, and the leading pros who make it all happen.

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