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Published December 30, 2021

Best Of | Mortarr Conversations 2021

Featuring: KFI Studios, Kalwall, Stahl, Infinite Façade, Architectural Systems, Inc., Pioneer Millworks, Feeney, ASID, Studio O+A,  Humanscale, mindful MATERIALS, and more.


From sustainability to prefabricated façades, to trends in hospitality designs our monthly webinars, Mortarr Conversations, we’re varied and — as you’ve proven — engaging. Here are the best attended, and most-watched, Mortarr Conversations from 2021.

#5 | Building a Healthier World

KFI Studios, Kalwall Corporation, and Stahl Construction have joined forces on Mortarr to bring sustainability to the forefront of the commercial construction and design industry and increase the accessibility to certified products, projects, and professionals. Hear what drives them, explore their latest certified projects + products, and discover how they're building a healthier world one step at a time.


Katie Taylor, Industry IIDA | Director of Business Development, KFI Studios

Sam Keller | Creative Director, Kalwall Corporation

Jessie Houlihan | President, Stahl Construction

#4 | Shaping the Skyline: A Conversation with Infinite Façade

Prefabricated façades are a resilient, flexible, and sustainable option that can reduce construction budgets and schedules by over 30%. Get an inside look at these exterior solutions from the brilliant minds behind Infinite Façade as we discuss constructibility, eliminating design and project risk, and shaping the skyline.


Dan Stenzel | Product Manager – Facades, Wells
Daniel Delisle | Senior Product Manager – Facades, Clark Pacific

#3 | Fine Designing: Trends in Hospitality Design

This one's on the house. Join our round table with leading experts in the hospitality industry as we discuss all the key ingredients in making a project a 5-star success. Reservations required.


Gabrielle Jackson O’Connor | Materialista®, Architectural Systems, Inc.
Jered Slusser | Market Manager, Pioneer Millworks 
Angela Dewar | Senior Interior Designer, Bergmeyer

#2 | Digital Marketing for the Built Environment

Is this thing on? The shift to digital marketing for commercial construction + design professionals can feel a bit overwhelming. How do you start and how do you know if digital is truly driving our business forward?

Join us for an engaging discussion on what it means to shift to digital, how to make sense of it all, and the question we're all dying to know: how do you know if it's working?


Rachel Sebald | Director of Operations, Peak Metrics
Matt Devlin, MBA | President, MG Marketing
Jennifer Wilde | Director of Digital Marketing + Creative Services, Feeney

#1 | Show Us What You're Made Of: Toxicity and Material Transparency

Not everything wears a warning label. Mortarr champions sustainable companies and products in our industry that are willing to show us what they're made of, and ensure decision-makers have access to the information they deserve when choosing what's right for their projects and our future. ASID and Mortarr are committed to your commitment. Join the MORTARR MINUTE[S] conversation around material transparency and toxicity in the commercial design industry, as we build a better future together.


Jon Strassner | Director of Industry Partnerships, ASID
Verda Alexander | Co-Founder, Studio O+A
Jane Abernethy | Chief Sustainability Officer, Humanscale
Annie Bevan | Executive Director, mindful MATERIALS

Enjoy all of our Mortarr Conversations in the Learning Lounge.

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