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First we built a website. Then we built an app. Now we’re renovating a historic bank building to house our team as we try to make history in the commercial construction and design industry.

We gathered comments from our team and imagery of the future home office of Mortarr on day 1. Take a look at a few of those.

“The historic bank building has sat empty for more than 20 years. We’re giving new life to this incredible piece of architectural history.” – Jen Levisen, Communications Director

“They handed us the keys and we did what anyone else would do at that moment, called Drone Pilot Tom.” – Cole Thompson, Creative Director

“We discovered so many cool little features, like these dragons carved into the woodwork near the ceiling. You just wonder why they did that? You don’t get that with new construction.” – Colton Jensen, Designer

“When we have ideas that we’re not quite ready for we always say, 'put that in the vault.' Now we'll actually have one." – Abby Murray, Co-Founder

“We wanted to take something old and make it new again. Mortarr is all about finding inspiration and doing something with a space that nobody else thought was possible.” - Steve Pulley, Co-Founder

“There are so many cool stories here in this building. But the best one is still to be written.” – Taylor Friehl, Designer

“When we envisioned what Mortarr would be in the future, in the back of all of our minds we always saw ourselves in this building.” – Amy Petersen, Co-Founder

Follow along as we chronicle the Mortarr global headquarters project from start to finish.

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