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Published January 14, 2022

Charming To Meet You

Featuring: Durasein


By Jen Levisen

charming-collection-lobby-entrance-space-1024x1024 (2).jpeg
charming-collection-durasein-bathroom-design-1024x1024 (1).jpeg

Inspired by sand and stone, the latest collection from the creatives at Durasein will leave you feeling a bit more calm, cool, and collected. Dare we say even charmed.


Introducing the Charming collection, a stunningly subtle range of neutral solid surfaces that are anything but basic. The collection’s Naturally, with subtle stripping of tans and grays, brings a grounding presence to every room. And while that promise can be tricky to deliver on when the material can be used in a variety of sectors — from corporate and office, to education, to hospitality — Durasein solid surface does.


Meet the Charming collection and see Naturally in action for yourself.

Curated for creatives and built to fulfill the critical demands of the healthcare industry — Durasein is both a solid surface manufacturer and creative partner wrapped into one. Their durable, customizable solid surface material is available in a multitude of styles, shapes, and colors.  If you’re looking for even more creativity, Durasein’s D.Lab works with clients to make any design dream come to life. Discover more of Durasein on Mortarr and at

Wall Treatments, Countertops
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