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Published June 30, 2021

Cocktails with the Materialista

The Forum and ASI's Materialista discuss branded environments


By Halee Miller

Staff Writer

A material girl living in a material world — and this time with a delicious cocktail in hand. Forum Editor-in-Chief, Jen Levisen, recently sat down with Gabrielle Jackson O’Connor, Materialista® at ASI | Architectural Systems, Inc. — a leading global resource of interior finishes based out of New York. 


As Gabrielle shared, the Materialista persona first served as ASI’s brand ambassador in the form of an avatar blogger. She has since evolved into a real-life personality that engages with creatives, keeping them in the know of the hottest trends in all sectors of the design industry.


Throughout the conversation Jen and Gabrielle dove into branded environments and how the materials used can accomplish a company’s goal. 


“A branded environment really speaks to a sense of place, where a signature material or an iconic material is incorporated to provide that sensibility,” said O’Connor who gave the example of branding authenticity in the hospitality sector — local art in the lobby, farm-fresh ingredients in a restaurant, or live music in a common space. “That’s what’s really important in branded environments. You want to create those memorable spaces where people want to return again and again. No matter the sector, branding the space creates brand loyalty, a culture that workplaces also strive to create for employees. You have the opportunity to translate a brand and culture through the materials you use.” 


Hear even more from Jen and Gabrielle on the power materials hold in branded spaces in our Forum LIVE rewind. Don’t worry, you have time to make a Material Girl.



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Gabrielle Jackson O’Connor

Materialista®, Architectural Systems, Inc
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