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Published November 12, 2020

Convention Turned Inside Out: A First Look 'Through' Portal

Featuring: Fluxwerx


By Jen Levisen


You’ll Never Look at a Light Fixture the Same Way Again

As a manufacturer of innovative, high-performance, LED luminaires for the general lighting of commercial and institutional spaces, Fluxwerx, which was formed in 2011, has quickly established itself at the forefront of LED lighting technology. Their award winning, distinctive product offerings and breakthrough proprietary Anidolic optics technology offer substantial energy savings, lighting quality, and remarkable lifetime. And the company’s newest product line is no different. Allow us to introduce Portal.

Directional Lighting Reimagined

The Portal product line reimagines directional and general area illumination in a single fixture family. Proprietary optics define a minimalist aesthetic and deliver exceptional comfort and control across multiple environments.

"Our goal with portal was to remove architectural barriers, and increase flexibility and options, giving architects lighting that can truly fulfill their vision," says Ben Garfinkel, Sr. Manager, Marketing, Fluxwerx.

Flexible By Design

Portal was built for the general ambient illumination of office, commercial, retail, educational, and other institutional spaces. Portal was designed for maximum versatility and is available in Recessed, Surface, and Pendant options. Multiple diameters, forms, and connection options allow for easy integration into architecture. The entire product line comes in two diameters — 5.5” and 9” — and the Semi-recessed and Surface products also include dual-axis adjustability for increased flexibility.

The heart of Portal — the optics — allowed the team to design to the periphery with multiple direct and indirect distributions with efficient performance that ties them all together and defines Portal. The selection of beam angles — 30°, 45°, and 65° — combined with precise control and extraction features, shape the light into high performance distributions with maximum comfort and efficacies up to 150 lm/w. Additionally, the Portal Pendant delivers multiple direct and indirect optics and beam options that transcend typical point source applications with exceptional uniformity, and lower energy densities.


“When Scott Santoro, our VP of Design, myself, and the team first started to look at Portal, we were focused on what a smaller-sized product could look like using the Fluxwerx DNA,” says Daniel Fortin, Senior Manager, Product Design, Fluxwerx. “We needed to determine where the product’s performance and industrial design intersected and how we could best bridge that gap, because often those two things are in opposition. Our goal was to create a product that is aesthetically pleasing and performs and functions at a very high level. ”


It is very clear what the Portal product line is at first glance and that’s on purpose, explains Daniel.

“The best design is as little design as possible,” he says. “and to achieve that the amount of technology necessary is incredibly complex.”

New Design, Signature Fluxwerx DNA

So, what is the Fluxwerx DNA Daniel mentions?


“All Fluxwerx products share a design DNA of diminutive, aesthetic form factors utilizing architectural-grade materials, optical innovation and efficiency to deliver luminaires with an optimal balance of design, performance, and comfort,” explains Ben. “The design of Portal, as with all of our offerings, is very complementary to our existing products because that DNA runs through them all.”


That DNA is not only woven through every product, but also guides Fluxwerx’s overall approach.


“For Fluxwerx as a company, we don’t just want to respond to what the market is looking for,” says Ben. “We look for problems and challenges in the architectural environment. We evaluate how lighting performs in those spaces, how the users experience lighting in those spaces, and then we create solutions. Innovation is not the path of least resistance.”


That's where Scott, Daniel, and the design team come in. “I’m sure they have designed things we can’t even do yet,” says Ben.


All in good time, Fluxwerx. All in good time.

Explore the full Portal product line online at and on Mortarr at

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