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Published July 22, 2022

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Cue the Fireworks


The effects of the highly sought-after “Made in the USA'' stamp go much further than a simple sense of patriotism. According to National Today, buying American-made products helps grow the American economy, supports small businesses, and gives communities a more stable environment to start new businesses.


We asked Forum editors to share their top American-made products on Mortarr and ecomedes. Now, let’s get to the good stuff.


Company: AEP Span

Product: Architectural Metal Roofing and Siding


Details: AEP Span is a manufacturer of domestically sourced exterior building steel products manufactured in Tacoma, Wash. and Sacramento, Calif. AEP Span offers a portfolio of quality metal roofing and siding which have been tested by an accredited third party and provides inspiring solutions architects can rely on to design and build with confidence.

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Company: Allé Designs

Product: Yuma Receptacle and Fresco Series Planters


Details: Allé Designs receptacle and planter collections enhance the beauty of any indoor or exterior space. By pairing coordinated planters, Allé offers a subtle choice for managing waste and recyclables. Their custom composite resin is dent-proof, leakproof, and non-corrosive and comes in over 60 standard finishes.

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caragreen-durat-green-countertop-nurses-station-hospital-1920x1920 (1).jpeg

Company: Durat USA

Product: Durat USA Collection

Project: Lee Memorial Golisano Children's Hospital


Details: Durat USA, a Caragreen brand, is a unique solid surface material used to create colorful, durable counters, furniture, sinks & tubs. Durat surfaces are non-porous & show no seams, making them easy to clean & customize. Durat consists of up to 28% recycled hard plastics diverted from the waste stream and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life through Durat’s take-back program.

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Company: Eco Safety Products

Products: Paints, Stains, Coatings, Sealers, Antimicrobials, Cleaners, Paint Strippers, Safety Tape


Details: Eco Safety Products is the only full-line bio-renewable paint and chemicals manufacturer in the U.S. The company was founded in 2004 on the sustainable mission to offer safer solutions for the betterment of human and environmental welfare. Eco Safety uses plant-based oils and plant extracts that replicate the same performance characteristics as petrochemicals, but without compromising health, costs, or adverse effects on the environment.

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school-makerspace-ghent-1024x1024 (2).jpeg

Company: Ghent

Products: Stroll Mobile Glassboard, Aria Glassboard, and Clear Mobile Dividers


Details: Teachers no longer lecture in front of rows of desks with a blackboard behind them. Instead, the modern classroom needs to provide the tools students require for active learning. Wall-mounted and mobile whiteboards and glassboards from Ghent functionalize and complete spaces both inside and outside the classroom. With durable materials and carefully considered construction, each markerboard carries a warranty fit for an educational environment.

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aria-4-1920x1920 (1).jpeg

Company: Homecrest Outdoor Living

Products: Homecrest Elements Air lounge seating, Allure chaise and cafe seating, Dockside tables, Market umbrellas

Project: Aria


Details: Aria offers a luxury apartment experience crafted for living. The property features an expansive rooftop pool and terrace, appointed with Homecrest Outdoor Living furniture. Featured collections include Homecrest’s Elements Air lounge seating, Allure chaise and cafe seating, Dockside tables, and Market umbrellas.

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Company: OCL Architectural Lighting

Product: Kwyet™ Sphere


Details: Inspired by nature and the deep-rooted human desire for natural and organic forms, the Kwyet Sphere is a visual masterstroke – beautifully refined from all viewing angles. The subtle glow from the fully lit cylinder gently grazes the fins’ numerous edges and surfaces, creating an intriguing gradient of light and shadow.

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LinkedIn - Sinak 2.png


Products: Vapor Control, Curing, Finishing Aids + Evaporation Retarder, Sealers, Hardeners, Densifiers


Details: SINAK is a concrete chemical manufacturer that has revolutionized curing and sealing technology to create products that eliminate waste and extend the life of concrete for decades. With zero VOCs and the highest performance criteria in the industry, their products are permanent and do not require reapplication or maintenance.

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Company: Tate

Product: ConCore® 1000 raised access floor panel and One-Piece Porcelain

Project: Exelon Headquarters


Details: Utilizing a Tate raised access floor system allowed Exelon to capture their desired aesthetic while still utilizing both underfloor power and data distribution systems, as well as an underfloor air distribution system that optimizes the air quality and individual comfort for both the 600-seat central trading floor and the workplaces of the building’s approximately 1,500 employees.

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paradeco-coffee-roasters-2-1024x1024 (1).jpeg

Company: Venue Industries

Product: Custom Banquette

Project: Paradeco Coffee Roasters


Details: Venue Industries provided a pink, 11-foot art-deco-inspired banquette with power outlets for this coffee & tea shop. Venue Industries is a commercial furniture manufacturer specializing in custom furniture design. Our product components are locally sourced from Tampa Bay and surrounding counties. Our metal fabricator & plywood supplier are both within a 5-mile radius of our factory. Sourcing components locally allows us to reduce our carbon footprint by lessening the mileage of our shipments.

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Looking for even more American-made design inspiration? Head to and explore certified Made in the USA products.

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