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Published April 25, 2023

California Dreaming

Durasein’s Modern Take on a Classic


By Jen Levisen


Durasein’s Dreamy Collection captures all the grandeur and beauty of classic surfaces you love in a material that’s much easier to master. Joining Light Haze is Ever After and Sun Kissed. The perfect surfaces for all of those projects you’ve been dreaming about.

Ever After

Fall in love with our Dreamy Collection’s Ever After. With a new gray veining pattern that speaks its mind. A material so perfect it belongs in a storybook.

Sun Kissed

Soak in the good vibes with Sun Kissed. A beautifully beachy mix of tan, gold, and bronze, this mix will never fade.

Durasein’s unique solid surface material is composed of two-thirds natural minerals and one-third high-performance acrylic resin and pigments. The result is a material that is “stone-like” yet able to be shaped with standard woodworking tools. This ease of manipulation allows for custom products in a dazzling array of shapes and decors. 


Durasein does more than just produce beautiful and durable products, they’re also your personal creative partner. Whether it’s information, customization, or advice – they’re here to help you do your best work.

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