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Published June 1, 2022

SERIES: Solution Makers

Expand Your Material Palette

Featuring: Bendheim’s Prospero™

Prospero Collection Comp - Bendheim - print.jpg

New Linear Pattern Glass Collection Balances Visual Privacy and Daylight

Bendheim is expanding architects' and designers’ material palettes with a new privacy-friendly linear glass collection, Prospero™. The collection comprises five etched and carved designs in low-iron (ultra-clear), grey, and bronze 3/8”-thick tempered glass. Ideal for elegant frameless partition walls and shower enclosures, the monolithic glass balances visual privacy, daylight, and value.

“Delivering projects on time is a major pain point for the architect, installer, and building owner,” said Ben Jayson, Bendheim President. “Glass is one of the last interior finishes on the project, and the market needs speedier decorative glass solutions with guaranteed quality. Today, we can turn around a fully fabricated, polished, and tempered Prospero order in as little as two weeks.”

Prospero Collection 5 Comp2 - Bendheim - print.jpg

Ideal for elegant frameless partition walls and shower enclosures, Prospero™ balances visual privacy, daylight, and value.

Linear glass remains timeless yet trendy. Demand for Bendheim’s linear patterns has increased more than 120 percent in the past few years. Architects and designers also gravitate towards ultra-clear or neutral glass colors for their projects.

Bendheim’s design consultants can also work with architects to tailor the glass, creating completely new aesthetics. Mirrored or back-painted, linear-pattern glass can serve as unique, maintenance-friendly and durable wall cladding with dynamic qualities. Architects can conduct project consultations in person or live-remote via the company’s Design Lab.

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More on Prospero™



  • Maintenance-friendly

  • Stocked and fabricated in the United States


  • Permanent stains from water and fingerprints

Diffuses and reduces:

  • Light

  • Glare

Can be:

  • Fabricated to the desired size, shape, aesthetic, and safety requirements of the project

Ideal for:

  • Privacy partitions in offices, transportation, hospitality, and healthcare projects

  • Frameless shower enclosures in hospitality and multi-family residential applications


  • Building safety codes

  • Requirements for ANSI Z97.1

  • Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC 16FR, Part 1201 – Safety Standard for Architectural Glazing Materials

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