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Published January 17, 2022

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Greenbuild 2022 — Our Most Memorable


From a community beach clean-up, to the beta launch of mindful MATERIALS' Portal, to a data-driven happy hour (trust us, there ain’t no party like a data party) with the mindful MATERIALS team — IRL has never been more impactful or heart-warming as it was at the 20th annual Greenbuild International Conference + Expo held in San Francisco this past November. Here are some of the Ecomedes, Inc.’s team’s top moments.


Haley Holberton, Customer Success Manager

“A top moment for me was seeing everyone's excitement around our technology powering a cleaner and greener future-built environment! I think people really started understanding who we are and what our software can do through the two days on the Expo Floor. So seeing that understanding and buzz around all the hard work our team has done and is doing was definitely the top moment for me.”


Paul Shahriari, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

“After presenting at the mindful MATERIALS launch, several audience members came up to say thank you to our team for simplifying the work it takes them to make better data-driven decisions. This work is hard and complicated and definitely takes effort above and beyond regular design and construction. Making it easier for project teams to deliver sustainability to buildings around the world is a privilege. I am happy that the industry is providing us the positive feedback and encouragement needed to continually improve our technology solutions.”


Kathleen Egan, Co-Founder and CEO

“So many — the Girl Scouts’ presentation on embodied carbon at the Women in Green luncheon. Seeing how many of our customers and partners put themselves in our hands for our inaugural Wave Makers’ retreat and surf lessons. The response from manufacturers to mindful MATERIALS portal and CMF. The camaraderie at our Community Beach Clean-up, which kicked off the week — one of our partners shared that she had been living plastic free for two years!”

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