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Published February 9, 2022

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Hottest Reservations on Mortarr

Featuring: Architecture Design Collaborative, Feldman Architecture, Inc., Giroux Glass, Infratech, Nanawall, Collaborative Companies, SPACE Architects + Planners, StruXure Outdoor, Garden on the Wall, UNUM: collaborative, and Durat USA.


Dining in? From divey, retro pizza places to zero waste bistros to mid-century modern cocktail bars, Forum editors ordered their favorites off Mortarr’s inspiration feed from hospitality design’s bar and restaurant scene. We saved you a seat.


Company: Architecture Design Collaborative

Project: Paperboy Pizza


Details: A divey, retro eatery that boasts Santa Monica’s best pizza. Where do we order? Discover Architecture Design Collaborative’s Paperboy Pizza inside the Gallery Marketplace on Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade. 


ADC created this dynamic by using rustic materials such as concrete for the countertop complemented by a warm live edge wood die wall, which imitates the materials one would see walking down a street. Venetian plaster and graphics on the walls are used to mimic graffiti art-filled alleys.

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Company: Feldman Architecture, Inc.

Project: dosa by DOSA


Details: dosa by DOSA brings the energetic warmth and spirit of Mumbai street food to its easy-going Uptown Oakland, Calif., neighborhood. Feldman Architecture took full advantage of the century-old, brick-and-timber building’s high ceilings and abundant natural light. Hand-crafted interpretations of traditional Indian elements play with new and old, developing an enduring design idiom for future dosa by DOSA locations.

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Company: Giroux Glass Inc.

Product: SageGlass®

Project: 71Above


Details: In the heart of downtown Los Angeles and almost 1,000 feet above ground level, 71Above is the highest restaurant west of the Mississippi and boasts spectacular 360º views.


Giroux Glass installed a total of 192 insulated glass units — roughly 3,000 square feet of glass — as well as 48 table-side vents, which diners can open to bring in fresh air and sounds of the city from far below. The 360-degree windows also boast cutting-edge glass technology. Made of electrochromatic SageGlass, each window can be programmed to dynamically tint in three zones, controlling sunlight, heat absorption, and glare — no shades required. This dynamic glass is also able to block up to 91 percent of the solar heat, significantly reducing the energy expenditure required to run the space’s HVAC system.

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Company: Infratech

Product: SL-Series Slimline Heaters

Project: Grappa Restaurant


Details: Touted as the best Italian restaurant in Park City, Utah, Grappa is known for its elegant presentation, attention to detail and fine service, and extraordinary views. Diners can enjoy those views year-round, and uninterrupted, thanks to Infratech’s SL-Series Slimline Heaters. With crisp, modern styling, an anodized aluminum housing, and narrow profiles, Slimline heaters virtually disappear into the surrounding décor.


These low-profile heaters are suitable for indoor and outdoor installations and offer a pleasing, streamlined look due to low clearance requirements. Infratech Slimline heaters may be mounted to a wall or ceiling.

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Company: NanaWall

Product: cero®

Project: Grissini Restaurant


Details: At Grissini Restaurant, you come for the food but stay for the ambiance and views. All of which, in part anyway, is courtesy of NanaWall’s cero® ― absolute architectural minimalism at its best. The award-winning cero® offers full floor-to-ceiling sliding glass panels with recessed top and bottom tracks. Produced through time-tested premium German engineering, cero® allows for maximum transparency with the largest panes of glass and the most minimal frames offered by NanaWall.

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Company: Collaborative Companies

Project: The Masonry


Details: After designing the furniture for the Masonry’s original Queen Anne, Washington, location, the Collaborative team was brought on to help create a new restaurant space in the heart of Fremont, Washington. 


Located in a brand new building, the 4,300 square foot space was a palette of concrete and glass. The Collaborative team introduced a wood soffit to add warmth and materiality to the space, while also driving visual interest down into the restaurant and away from the exposed mechanical systems common in modern industrial office buildings.


The L-shaped restaurant is divided up into stations and the centrally located kitchen was strategically placed so it can easily service both the pizza and beer bars, while the communal tables were placed in the front of the floor-to-ceiling windows to engage with the street and create an indoor/outdoor dining experience in the warmer months.

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Company: SPACE Architects + Planners

Project: ELLA ELLI


Details: Inspired by the speakeasies of the 1920s and the elegant spaces lining the canals in Amsterdam, Chicago’s Ella Elli was designed by SPACE Architects + Planners to feel intimate and sexy. The layout and finishes provide a stylish environment organized into several small areas across the 2,500 square-foot space — perfect for gathering over a bottle of wine with friends or a date.

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Company: StruXure Outdoor

Product: Pergola X by StruXure


Details: Outdoor restaurant seating that can be used rain or shine? Yes, please! StruXure Outdoor’s Pergola X, an automated pivoting louvered structure, makes it possible.


StruXure’s outdoor pergolas are manufactured entirely in the United States. The company uses recycled aluminum and stainless steel components to create a durable, low-maintenance product. And, you can adjust the system’s louvers from 0 to almost 180 degrees to control the sun, wind, and rain.

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Company: Garden on the Wall

Product: Preserved Plants

Project: Cold Beer Restaurant


Details: Garden on the Wall’s preserved plants were used to promote a healthy, positive environment for the patrons of this restaurant. The wall garden elements and foliage selection features flower foliage, germs, and moss species.


Garden on the Wall is an award-winning provider of turn-key maintenance-free vertical garden installations for interiors. Their installations are created using all-natural, preserved plants and are maintenance-free for up to 10 years.

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Company: UNUM:collaborative

Project: Lady Jane


Details: Come for the cocktails, stay for the ambiance. The UNUM:collaborative team created a space that is modern and clean, all while incorporating elements from the historical aesthetic movement of med-century design. 


The use of rich, natural materials such as wood and marble offers a stark contrast against the concrete shell. While elements like the breeze blocks and plaster planters and seating, along with the palm trees and hanging plants, evoke a south beach vibe that invites the outdoors into the space. Special attention was given to the seating design. The large banquettes and booths offer opportunities for large groups to gather, but also afford the ability to have intimate conversations.

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Company: Durat USA

Product: Durat USA's Palace Collection

Project: Zero Waste Bistro


Details: The Zero Waste Bistro was a pop-up restaurant in Manhattan commissioned by the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York for the WantedDesign Manhattan fair. It was co-curated by Finnish designers Harri Koskinen and Linda Bergroth.


The dining experience was built with recycled food packaging and aimed to compost all leftover foods served in the space. Durat USA's Palace Collection was used to create a set of speckled trays; keeping with Koskinen and Bergroth’s goal of using materials that could be recycled at end of life.

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