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Published February 21, 2022

ILFI’s Ren DeCherney on Material Equity

Featuring: International Living Future Institute


By Jen Levisen


How do designers ensure they work with manufacturers that have equitable practices? How do they educate themselves, firms, and clients about the importance of using sustainable materials in projects? Well, if you turn to Google, there are a variety of websites and platforms available for you to access product info and dive deep, and I mean deep, into the topic. So to speed up my search-and-discovery process, I asked my friend, designer, and current business development manager at ILFI Ren DeCherney if she could help me break it down … LIVE on Instagram … and she said yes.

Take 20 and head over to Mortarr’s Instagram channel, @mortarr, for the entire conversation.


International Living Future Institute


Ren DeCherney

Business Development Manager, ILFI
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