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Published November 10, 2021

Illuminating the Details

Tamlyn helps differentiate between good and remarkable.
Featurinng: Tamlyn

DCS_3650 1.png

By Tynan Pratumwon
Staff Writer


Some spaces are so stunningly well designed it feels like the entire space should be packaged up and set in a museum. Baltimore Korean BBQ-inspired taco and ssam hotspot, Toki Tako, is one of those places. The restaurant’s bold two-tone paint scheme and hard lines feel like walking into a space unlike any other. The room is split into two sides by color — complete with matching furniture — and offers customers a striking experience made even more inspiring by the use of mirrors and light. Mirrors on the wall give it depth and add an element of magic, almost like a portal to the other side of the room. Simple hanging lights bathe the entire space in clean white light, and at the junction between the floor and walls, illuminated recessed bases add to the room’s modern appearance.  

Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 3.48.23 PM.png

Tamlyn’s aluminum base profile, the Base Ledge Flange, or BLF, was paired with a LED strip to create the clean glow that outlines the perimeter of Toki Taco’s interior. The BLF was designed to be easy to install and versatile so it can incorporate many different wall surface materials. Installing this aluminum base is just as simple as installing traditional baseboards, but the BLF has the ability to elevate a space to a contemporary ambience that can’t be achieved with standard products. Tamlyn takes this a step further by offering their bases in customizable finish options ranging from custom color matching, powder coating, various anodized options, and a primed finish that can be painted on site. For this project, the BLF was ordered in a primed finish and painted to match the wall it was located on to create a true distinction between the two sides of the restaurant. These minor details can often be overlooked when designing a space, but they are what differentiate good projects from the remarkable ones. Choosing to use Tamlyn’s Base Ledge Flange contributed to making Toki Tako just that.   

Skip the reservation and enjoy Tamlyn and Toki Tako on Mortarr.



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