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Published July 12, 2021

Inspiration From the Sea


By Halee Miller

Staff Writer

When two of the most creative material gurus come together as one, great things are bound to happen — and great they did. The bendy, twisty, boundary-breaking solid surface manufacturer Durasein, teamed up with Patternine, a company founded by Craig Woehrle — an expert in all things 3D textured patterns. The decorative wall cladding brainchild that came to be of the two companies is one that we just can’t get enough of, and we’re sure you’ll see why.


Durasein is known for their unique solid surface recipe of two-thirds natural minerals and one-third acrylic resin and pigments. Thanks to their highly-creative D.Lab, the material can be molded, cut, or formulated into anything your heart desires. When Durasein saw Woehrle’s distinctive style of parametric designs, they knew they had to be the one to bring his wildest imaginations to life. 


As a Harvard and Yale alumnus, Woehrle is no doubt an expert at what he does. He spent time as Surface Lab’s lead designer and has now developed his own collection of mesmerizing 3D textured patterns, giving him years of experience in the material industry. What makes his work so unique is his inspiration drawn from his studio’s view of the Salish Sea. Often applying the qualities of water to his work, movement and repetition is used beautifully in the pair’s decorative wall cladding. 


As seen with their Patternine partnership, Durasein serves both as your next solid surface manufacturer and creative partner — willing to take on your far-out ideas with the help of their D.Lab. Their durable, customizable, and antibacterial material goes far beyond what other solid surfaces can do. Discover more of their products and projects on Mortarr and at

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