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Published November 9, 2021

Light Work

LEDCONN produced the perfect lighting for a luxury retail store.
Featuring: LEDCONN

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By Halee Miller
Staff Writer

Retail spaces deserve all the spotlight in the world. Let light tell the story of the brand and its products with LEDCONN. 


LEDCONN provides LED lighting in material art form — no matter the space. This luxury cosmetics store in Santa Clara, California, was no exception. LEDCONN worked closely with the store designer to get the lighting strategy just right — even before it was officially issued by the global luxury cosmetics brand.


The perfect combination of LUXLINE LED Light Strips, LUXFIT LED Light panels (static white, RGB), LUXLINEAR LED Light tubes, LUXFLEX rigid backlit panel board, panel supplies, and RGB controls were used in all 25 store fixtures. The static white lights were specified at a range of color temperatures including 3000K, 4000K, and 5300K. RGB added bursts of color throughout the store where needed. 


The lighting in retail spaces is one of the most important aspects of a store’s design. Light can be used to show hierarchy among products, set the customer’s mood, and strengthen the brand’s identity. LEDCONN used its products to do just that in this luxury cosmetic retail space. The lighting was consistent across a variety of lighting components and fixtures all while maintaining an upscaled look to the entire space.


Beyond LEDCONN’s stunning product line is their commitment to their customers and vision for their project. LEDCONN had close and constant communication with the brand’s reps in New York and Paris to better understand their vision for the space and brand. LEDCONN not only successfully produced their products in China, but also installed them in the US. The close involvement in this project played a large role in its success. 


The LEDCONN team went above and beyond as a lighting manufacturer. From managing globally to providing clear wiring diagrams and on-site engineering support, LEDCONN saw the project through from beginning to end.



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