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Published May 27, 2022

Meet The Lab at MPS

Contributed by: MPS Acoustics

Like every designer, you’ve probably had a creative idea that you know will look great, and you’re sure it must exist out there somewhere, but despite your best Google skills – no luck! After sifting through Mortarr,  image libraries, and product guides for inspiration, you still can’t quite find what you’re looking for. Any of this sound familiar?

MPS Joist Mills Common Area.jpeg

The Lab at MPS is a versatile design resource for the architectural products industry that blends custom and creativity when it comes to acoustic felt. Our design team loves a few things, okay a lot of things, but these are at the top of the list:

  • + A great challenge for something new

  • + Helping clients solve their design needs

  • + Coffee – and lots of it

Clients often say, “I’d like to create something different than all of the standard offerings, but I’m guessing it will probably cost a lot ...”

This is why The Lab was born. With the basics like Straight baffle, Arete dimensional wall panels, and a range of Coligo patterns as anchors to our product offering, The Lab team is able to focus their energy on collaboration with clients.

MPS Entwine Lemon_Window.png
Arete Dark Walnut_Wide_MPS.png

They love to say “YES” to wild ideas, test, fail, try again, overcome and succeed! And one of, if not the best parts? With The Lab at MPS there’s no extra charge for our design time, and no extra product fees based on what we create together


If this sounds like your kinda jam, let’s connect and create something great for your next project together.

MPS Acoustics is a vertically integrated, collaborative team of professionals seeking holistic … blah, blah, blah! Scratch the canned corporate jargon. To really know who MPS is, you’ve got to know the people that lead our company, and what makes each of them excited to get up and go to work every morning. This is the fabric of what we’re all about, and our fuel is your creativity from the design community – pushing us further every day to create new solutions that turn offices, schools — and anywhere else that people gather — into more productive places.


Our roots are in acoustics and sound masking technology. Founder and CEO Bruce Davidson built MPS based on his expertise in sound masking technology. This background led to a natural evolution into design-oriented acoustic panels that enhance the aesthetic of any space, while also providing a functional benefit of sound dampening. In the age of open offices that demand unique design, there’s a need now more than ever to knock down the noise, but also keep the collaboration up. At MPS, we believe in making acoustic products and serving the greater good.

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