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Published June 17, 2022

SERIES: What's Trending

NeoCon 2022 — Office Top Five

Featuring: Allsteel, Spacestor, Zgo Technologies, Humanscale, Ghent

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NeoCon 2022 and Forum by Mortarr editors were out in force at theMART and Fulton Market searching for the best in commercial interior design. With design inspiration and use blending between the office, hospitality, and healthcare sectors, there were a plethora of favorites to choose from. Here are our top picks for Office.

Company: Allsteel

Product: O6 Task Chair

Certifications: BIFMA LEVEL 2; SCS Indoor Advantage Gold

Awards: Best of NeoCon 2022 Sustainability

Allsteel’s O6 task chair, designed by LAYER, balances comfort, ergonomics, and style. The chair’s contoured shapes and ample seat cushion deliver all-day comfort and responsive ergonomic support. O6 seating also offers optional lumbar support, as well as adjustable arms and arm pads. Mesh and textile options are available for the back and seat to contrast, complement, or coordinate with an array of frame and base colors.

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Company: Spacestor

Product: Arcadia

Designed in collaboration with Gensler, Arcadia takes inspiration from timeless architectural forms to provide a new interior landscaping and space-making toolkit for the workspace. Deceptively simple in concept — using just 5 classic geometric building blocks — each piece is engineered for inter-compatibility. Arcadia’s organic shapes and soft forms have been specifically crafted to be globally familiar, yet not highly directive, allowing instant creation and landscaping of spaces with classic Colonnades, Portals, Pantheons, Forums, Rotundas, and Cloisters – without building walls. The modular kit of parts construction, pure geometric shapes, and patented quick-release joining system means shapes can be reused and reconfigured over and over again to experiment, evolve or just have fun with.

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Company: Humanscale

Product: NOVA

Certifications: View Certifications

Designed to complement any work surface and enhance any workstyle, the Nova task light offers endless adaptability in a striking, sculptural form. The custom lens and LED array create a uniform pool of glare-free light that can be adjusted exactly to each user's preference. Take that other, ahem, round-shaped task lights.

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Company: Zgo Technologies

Product: Uvio

Uvio, is a patent-pending, sleek UVC Germicidal Disinfection Lamp that mounts (without tools) to the top of any computer monitor. The UVC light provides direct UVC disinfection to the keyboard, mouse, and primary work area of shared workstations nightly, so they are virus-free for the next day’s use. The UVC light is activated for two hours nightly, when the building is unoccupied, to prevent direct exposure, which can be harmful. Two hours of Uvio light has been tested to completely inactivate 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and any other harmful microorganisms, including Coronavirus, in a 4’ x 2’ work area in front of the monitor.

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