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Published June 17, 2022

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NeoCon 2022 — Our Most Memorable

Featuring: OFS, Turf, Reseat, Haworth, SIXINCH

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Heat waves and tornado warnings were no match for the commercial interior design industry. The 53rd annual NeoCon wrapped earlier this week and held true to its theme — Design Makes a Statement. The ideas, products, knowledge and inspiration shared will guide the industry's next steps and sustainability and digitalization are it. Look no further than mindful MATERIALS Impact Summit or the events held in Sandow’s designscene space throughout the three-day event for proof. Between theMART and Fulton Market, there was a plethora of products and manufacturers to discover. Here are some of the ecomedes and Mortarr team’s most memorable.

Company: OFS

Awards: Multiple Best of NeoCon 2022 and HiP Awards

From the people, to the products, to the stories both empower, OFS’s showroom was a team favorite this NeoCon. OFS led with their You+ campaign which is all about helping organizations understand their people better and put together an approach that is right for them. 

“We don’t pretend to have all the answers, nor want to prescribe what your next workplace should look like,” says Molly Prior, VP of Workplace for OFS. “We want to walk beside you and together create the best possible environment for your collective ‘you.’”


Imagine a Place Productions was out in force as well with all four of their podcasts — The Imagine a Place Podcast, Break Some Dishes, The Resilience Lab, and The Skill Set — holding live recordings and/or discussions with hosts. A highlight — our very own Paul Shahriari sitting down with Break Some Dishes’ Jon Strassner and Verda Alexander. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to all four wherever you get your podcasts.

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Company: Turf

Product: Turf Hues

Awards: Best of NeoCon 2022 Silver Award, HiP Award, MetropolisLikes Award

The Chicago-based Turf Design team really leaned into “go big or go home!” this year. In their first year with a showroom at theMART and team took home a Best of NeoCon 2022 Silver award, a HiP award, and a MetropolisLikes award all for their Hues collection. Developed in collaboration with Ames Design Collective’s Carolyn Ames Noble, Turf Hues is a collection of 32 colors each crafted to celebrate the senses. The collection will be available to specify this fall.


And in case you were wondering, their showroom — designed by Forum favorite Elizabeth Von Lehe of HDR — was even more fabulous than we anticipated. A walk through the space highlighted how effective Turf’s products are at reducing noise, creating atmospheres, and bringing unique visions to life.

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Company: Reseat

Awards: Best of NeoCon 2022 Silver, Innovation, Sustainability, Business Innovation

Annually 17 billion pounds of commercial-grade office furniture ends up in landfills — even though it’s designed to last for decades. Just think — all of that work for sustainability certifications just for the furniture to end up in landfills. Reseat, which launched in October 2020, is setting out to change that with a platform that provides companies a place to buy and sell preowned office furniture from manufacturers like Steelcase, Haworth, and Allsteel. Equally as important, Reseat lets clients know what furniture will be available months in advance, so designers can use them in upcoming projects, and dealers can plan ahead. Named as one of Fast Company’s 10 Most Innovative Companies with fewer than 10 employees, Reseat saved more than 3 million pounds of furniture from being sent to the landfill in its first year.

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Company: Haworth

Product: Cardigan

Award: Best of NeoCon 2022 Innovation Award, HiP Award

Designed by Patricia Urquiola, Haworth’s Cardigan lounge stretches digitally knit recycled PET fabric over a powder-coated steel frame, producing a lightweight lounge chair with beautiful ribbed texture. Its malleable back supports a variety of different postures comfortably — seriously, it’s true — and its cozy upholstery and gorgeous colors enliven any space.


We can’t talk about Haworth without an honorable mention to one of our favorites — the Archibald. Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for Poltrona Frau, the Archibald leather lounge chair invites you to naturally place your hands on the flexible tips of the armrests, where you appreciate the feel of the sumptuous leather. The fine craftsmanship features hand-stitching above the legs and contrasting stitching along the seams. She’s a beauty.

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