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The Bar Method.


No, it’s not the newest bar or nightclub. It’s a completely different type of hot spot — one nestled in an incredible space that mirrors the transformation happening within its walls.


The Bar Method is a boutique fitness studio offering barre classes for students of all ages. For the uninitiated, their method uses the precise positions (and barre) found in ballet and adds in isometric exercises, followed by active and passive stretching.


The studio on Lakeshore Avenue in Oakland, Calif., was designed by Oakland-based architects, Tierney Conner, a full-service firm integrating the fields of architecture, landscape and interiors.

What stands today as a place of wellness was once a dim social club.

"This was a unique opportunity to transform a maze of small, dark rooms into an inviting space that enables health and self-care," says Anne Tierney, co-owner of Tierney Conner, with partners Erin Conner and J. Conner.

The Tierney Conner team sought to expose what was already there — brick walls, steel beams, high ceilings, expansive windows, and stunning skylights. Beautiful modern light fixtures mix with gentle sunlight to brighten each room. An open layout allows clients to move easily between the entry, workout room, spa-like lounge, and childcare area. An interplay between plain and textured walls helps organize the space, while custom raw steel shelves display the retail offerings.


"Anne and Erin thought of the smallest details to ensure our studio was completed with perfection on both the macro and micro levels," says Audrey Mao, owner.

Just as The Bar Method originated from ballet and added in strength training to create an impactful workout, Tierney Conner drew from what the original space offered and elevated it to another level. The Bar Method Oakland - Lakeshore offers a retreat from the chaos of life; a place to unwind and re-engage with a better you. And to us, that’s a must-see attraction.


To see the end result of this beautiful transformation for yourself, visit Tierney Conner Architecture’s Project Gallery.

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