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Published February 16, 2022

OFS’ Imagine a Place Launches Podcast Network to Elevate Industry Voices

OFS recently announced the launch of Imagine a Place Productions, a new network of podcasts inspired by the spirit of Imagine a Place, the company’s original storytelling platform which includes a five-star-rated podcast, video series, and print magazine that explores the powerful role place plays in our lives.


“The goal of Imagine a Place Productions is to further elevate the belief that the places we make and the ways we design them matter in our lives,” said Doug Shapiro, vice president of research and insights at OFS and host of Imagine a Place. “Our new collection of podcasts gathers industry-leading voices that have the power to inspire the design community through storytelling and broaden our creative horizons." 


In addition to the Imagine a Place podcast, the network will include two other podcasts that relate to the core of OFS’ values of sustainability and wellbeing. First is Break Some Dishes, a biweekly podcast hosted by Verda Alexander and Jon Strassner that examines environmental crises through the lens of architecture, design, and creativity.


“Seeing Doug and the team’s success with Imagine a Place has made Verda and I very excited to be a part of Imagine a Place Productions,” said Strassner. “This new network is a culmination of inspiring content centered on issues that are important within our industries, but also globally, and we’re so glad that OFS shares our passion for a healthy planet and wants to propel these efforts forward.”


In addition, The Resilience Lab is an Imagine a Place Productions original that will be hosted by author and speaker Rex Miller. The monthly podcast and blog will explore how we integrate resilience into work and our lives through the journey and stories of others.


“I’m looking forward to the launch of The Resilience Lab and believe that this podcast along with Imagine a Place Productions as a network will really help to bring together key voices and ideas to inspire our listeners,” said Miller. “In a time when change is all around us, it’s important that we take the time to understand ourselves better and discover ways that we grow through these changes.”

Imagine a Place and Break Some Dishes are both currently available to listeners on Apple Podcasts, Audible, Google and Spotify, and The Resilience Lab will be joining the ranks in March.

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Imagine a Place

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Break Some Dishes

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