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Published February 23, 2021

On-Grade and On the Rise

Featuring: Archatrak


By Jen Levisen


In just a few short years, porcelain pavers have morphed from a boutique decking material used on upscale penthouse decks and flagship retail store entrances to a popular mainstream landscaping product used on a variety of commercial projects across the globe.


One of the first companies to bring these versatile pavers to the U.S. market was Archatrak, a national supplier of porcelain pavers, wood deck tiles, and deck support systems.


“If we delve a little into the characteristics and properties of this exceptional paving product, it’s not hard to understand why porcelain pavers have so quickly gained widespread acceptance in the U.S. market,” says Malcolm Kay, Archatrak’s CEO.


And that widespread acceptance means every year more shapes and sizes of porcelain pavers are hitting the market. Starting with a basic 2’ square and a ¾” thick paver, Archatrak now supplies pavers in a myriad of sizes — from rustic-looking cobblestones, to massive 48” by 96” slabs, to narrow 8” x 48” planks to hexagonal shaped pavers. And no longer just ¾” thick, Archatrak’s range now includes pavers for heavy-duty vehicular applications up to 2” thick as well as chunky cobblestone blocks.

But it’s the versatility of these pavers that’s also been a critical factor in their explosive growth. Whether dry laid over sand, set in mortar, placed among lawns, or even elevated on pedestal supports, the extensive styles, colors, and sizes of porcelain pavers now available allow for unrestricted creativity in outdoor environments, from the smallest garden to the largest town plaza.


“Our porcelain pavers are exceptionally low maintenance, incredibly durable, moss and mildew resistant, and feature an anti-slip surface,” says Kay.    


"Porcelain can also mimic the subtle details of natural stone and wood without the risk of fire, plus the material is much lighter than concrete and stone which makes installation easier and saves money. With these products, we’re truly redefining what’s possible in the pavement industry."

Scroll down to discover the inspiring range of Archatrak’s Italian and U.S.-made porcelain pavers.

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Bozeman, MT

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