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Published July 21, 2022

Out of This World

Get your creative wheels spinning with the latest from Durasein.


By Jen Levisen

durasein-lively-healthcare-interior-boardwalk-1024x1024 (2).jpeg

Are you ready to stir things up? With dynamic patterns inspired by earth and space, Durasein’s latest — the Lively Collection — is sure to get your creative wheels spinning.


Resistant to stains, chemicals, mold + mildew, scratches, and heat, and anti-bacterial, Durasein’s solid surface can withstand whatever the most demanding spaces throw at it. 


Their unique material is composed of two-thirds natural minerals and one-third high-performance acrylic resin and pigments. The result is a material that is stone-like yet able to be shaped with standard woodworking tools. This ease of manipulation allows for custom products in a dazzling array of shapes and decors. Each is equipped with unique and useful benefits that set it apart from most surfacing materials.


Curated for creatives and built to fulfill the demands of the built environment — Durasein is both a solid surface manufacturer and creative partner wrapped into one. 


“We love when one idea leads to another, which sparks a ‘what if?’” says Michael Bustin, Chief Growth Officer at Durasein. “When you work with a collection that’s inspired by outer space, that inspiration simply rubs off on you. So, let’s get started — we’ve got a team of creatives ready for your out-there ideas!”

“- we’ve got a team ready to support your most creative and out-there ideas!”

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