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Published January 17, 2023

Phoenix Rising

Featuring: Impact Icon Brandi Susewitz, Founder + CEO of Reseat

“Really, our whole goal is a paradigm shift. It's reteaching people what they need to do. I feel it's something that needs to be done because we are an industry that operates at an enormous scale.” — Brandi Susewitz, Founder + CEO of Reseat


A paradigm shift - a fundamental change in approach, and one that I believe you’ll see the necessity of once you hear from my guest today, Impact Icon Brandi Susewitz.  Brandi is the Founder and CEO of Reseat, which is automating and transforming the process of reselling high-quality office furniture across the country. Reseat was founded in 2020 - in the height of the pandemic - and in their first year alone they saved more than 3 million pounds of furniture from the landfill. The now award-winning digital platform has revolutionized the lifecycle of commercial furniture and they have an incredibly passionate CEO at the helm. In this episode I talk with Brandi about the life experiences that have shaped who she is, and how the strength and courage she gained from those moments are what breathes life, and even fire, into her passions today. Enjoy!


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