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Published December 9, 2022

Products That Work Wherever You Work

Featuring: Allsteel’s Mural, O6, and Pl


By Jen Levisen


Allsteel unveiled several new products (and award winners at that) at this summer’s NeoCon — all centered around the company’s Evolving Workplace concept.


“We use the phrase ‘The Evolving Workplace’ because it’s clear the past two years have shaken up many of our old ‘truths’ about the purpose, structure, and design of knowledge-worker workplaces,” says Jan Johnson, Vice President, of Workplace Advisory, Allsteel.


In fact, the Allsteel team refers to themselves as “students of the workplace” as they’ve learned and evolved through each client engagement.


“This approach is forcing us to be better researchers, better listeners, and in the long run, better advisors to our clients,” says Andrea Gauss, Director of Client Solutions, HNI Corporation.


Three of the products Allsteel unveiled at NeoCon are Mural, a flexible panel system designed by L.A.-based MASHstudio (a first for the design studio); O6, a sculptural task chair designed by London-based LAYER; and Pli, a task chair designed by the Berlin-based Deisig Design.


Mural – Your Workplace Neighborhood


Mural, winner of NeoCon’s Best of Silver award and an Interior Design HiP award, offers a new way of space planning individual and collaborative zones utilizing a movable base structure that accommodates quick repurposing or full reconfiguration. The result is a system that lets you plan in neighborhoods, with built-in features for a user-friendly vibe and scale.​ Learn More >


O6 Task Chair – Take Your Seat


The Pli task seating portfolio provides distinctive performance and exceptional simplicity of movement. The innovative auto-fitting design enables users to experience maximum ergonomic support for extended use without performing a series of multiple, complex adjustments. Sit, move, reach, work, and Pli adjusts to the movements and contours of each user.​ Learn More >


Pli Task Chair – Movement Made Easy


The best seating balances comfort, ergonomics, and style. This is O6, a chair whose very appearance promises the user that exact blend, and a recipient of NeoCon’s Best of Sustainability award. In a variety of work settings, this is a seating choice that will enhance your day.​ Learn More >

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