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Published February 22, 2022

Superior Essex Communications Announces “MissionNext” Comprehensive Vision for Future

This program will revolutionize the company’s practices to focus on its current and future employees, as well as furthering its commitment to a sustainable future.


Superior Essex Communications is proud to announce today “MissionNext,” an overarching vision with the aim to evolve its workplace for current and future employees and to lead the communication industry in sustainable practices. The mission statement “Connecting the Future of Smart and Sustainable Communications Everywhere You Live and Work” outlines how the principal goal will integrate into every aspect of the organization.

The plan is centered on three core values – Expansive Technologies, Sustainable Innovation and Integrated Solutions – that create the pathways through which the company will lead changes for the whole communications industry. Superior Essex Communications will focus the entire organization on technological advancement, sustainable impact reduction and partnerships for the future.

“We want plans for the future that are tangible, relatable and trackable across our entire operation to support our overall vision of the future through MissionNext. Our core values will drive daily progress and become part of our day-to-day operation. We will lead the way through action. We believe MissionNext will plant the seeds of sustainable practices that will yield fruit for years to come for the entire communications industry,” said Brad Johnson, President of Superior Essex Communications.

The company will launch a cross-division task force — The MissionNext Committee — to enable participation from all parts of the company to take action, track progress, and meet the goals and metrics established for this program. Individual directives include, among many, carbon neutrality, responsible manufacturing, future-proofing technology, and creating a culture of collaboration within the organization and externally.

Action plans under each core value will address key growth areas and the MissionNext Committee will publish its first holistic annual MissionNext report in July 2022. This report will provide insight into the company’s progress toward clear metrics and goals to realize this vision by 2030, with the baseline year of 2019.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of communications cable in North America, Superior Essex Communications has been a role model of sustainable practices in the industry. For nearly a decade, sustainability has been the driving force of Superior Essex. Its focus on transparency, impact reduction and sustainable manufacturing practices.

“Sustainability isn’t just a business practice; this is our duty to our current employees and customers, and to future generations,” Annie Bevan, Head of Sustainability said. “Superior Essex has been leading the way for sustainable products and manufacturing, but now we need more partners in this mission to create the biggest impact.”

As part of MissionNext, Superior Essex is launching “Be More Human,” a campaign to promote social health and equity within its corporate structure. It will share stories of the great people at the company who make life better for their co-workers and communities.

“Sustainability can’t happen without people, because it’s about creating a better future for people. ‘Be More Human’ is an internal challenge to grow a diverse group of employees, increase our impact on social wellness and help us see the human value within each other,” said Brian Ensign, Vice President of Marketing.

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