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Published October 29, 2021

Take a Seat, Anyway You’d Like

Meet 9to5 Seating’s decade-long award-winning chair, HÅG Capisco.
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By Tynan Pratumwon
Staff Writer


In 1984, Steve Jobs introduced U.S. consumers to Apple and transformed the way we work. That same year, in Europe, Norwegian industrial designer Peter Opsvik created the HÅG Capisco chair and altered the way we find comfort while performing that work. 


HÅG Capisco’s unique ergonomics, inspired by a horseback rider’s dynamic posture, allows for self-directed comfort, encouraging movement, and natural repositioning with supportive treaded footplates on the base. Designed with a curved seat to promote organic upright positioning, it strikes a perfect natural angle to extend the spine and open the chest, for comfort and beating fatigue.


In November 2018, HÅG Capisco was the Norwegian winner in the Nordic Design Competition. In a statement from the jury, they cited the chair’s strong focus on ergonomic and healthy living and how it is still innovative more than 30 years after it was first launched. “HÅG Capisco is a great example of product design as a means for solving real-life challenges,” said the jury.


More recently, HÅG Capisco, and its North American manufacturer 9to5 Seating, was an award winner at NeoCon 2021 coming home with Interior Design’s HiP award for Innovative Seating Product and the MetropolisLikes award from Metropolis magazine.


“These awards exemplify 9to5 Seating’s continued commitment to providing high design products,” said Dara Mir, President and CEO of 9to5 Seating. “We can’t wait to reveal the new products we have planned for our portfolio.”


Discover HÅG Capisco and 9to5 Seating on Mortarr.


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