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Published December 16, 2021

The Great Middoors

Merge the outdoors and indoors safely with GKD Metal Fabrics.
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By Halee Miller
Staff Writer

Noise pollution is just that — pollution. And according to the World Health Organization, it is the number two killer of humans, after air pollution. 


Noise pollution is any unwanted or disturbing sound that affects health and wellbeing. This not only creates problems for humans, but also for the environment. Machines, transportation, and traffic are just some of the many contributing factors to this worldwide health crisis. 


While beating noise pollution may seem like an endless battle, GKD Metal Fabrics has a solution.


GKD, the leading provider of woven metal fabric for architectural solutions, manufactures architectural metal mesh that can be used in outdoor settings to create acoustic buffer zones, allowing people to enjoy the outdoors in otherwise noisy areas in a safer way. Their solution is functional and well designed and can be used for a variety of applications and has a wide range of performance benefits.


Buffers to Sound

Due to its basic structure and depending on its open area, GKD’s wire mesh can provide exceptionally efficient sound absorption. To mitigate airborne noise pollution from nearby highways and transportation in urban settings, a metal mesh wallcovering or partition can act as a sound absorption tool and acoustic buffer to help block exterior noise pollution. Stainless steel metal fabric is particularly suited for outdoor use with its low maintenance and high-performance technical benefits. GKD provides design, fabrication, and installation for all types of “middoor” architectural features such as green facades, trellises, and semi-permeable walls.

Creating Shaded Spaces

Considering current health and safety precautions encouraging socially distanced activities, outdoor spaces have become a mandate for many public settings., But to ward off elements such as sun and wind that can inhibit dining or gathering experiences, the need to provide sun shading, overhangs, or other ceiling structures has become a necessity. GKD’s metal mesh is often used to create custom-designed solar protection in a variety of finishes and metal alloys. When used around the perimeter of parks, landscapes, and expanded outdoor areas, metal mesh maintains a subtle, semi-permeable, and secure boundary while also blending unobtrusively into natural settings.

Beauty to Biophilia

Extending a building’s exterior footprint brings beauty and biophilia to the built environment and benefits collective health outcomes. Using woven metal mesh to create these midscapes provides an economical, flexible design solution that results in multiple benefits: enhanced indoor air quality, lowered operating costs, natural light and sun shading, higher cognitive performance and healing, reduced stress, and acoustic comfort.


GKD Metal Fabrics

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