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Published August 25, 2021

Top Corporate and Office Designs on Mortarr

Inspiration for creating workplaces that work and inspire


By Mortarr Staff Creators

The pandemic has completely altered the way workplaces are occupied and designed. The pendulum between open, collaborative workplaces to private offices continues to swing. As the A+D community and manufacturers support employers in this transition to better workplaces, the emphasis is on five critical employee needs: safety, belonging, productivity, comfort, and control. Explore the top corporate office designs on Mortarr for inspiration in creating spaces that meet a variety of needs for employees and employers, and the spaces they inhabit.


OCL’s Kwyet Acoustic Pendant hanging lights are showcased in this office space. Fully enclosed to minimize accumulation of dust and debris, these lights are designed for function and style and fit perfectly in this open office space.


Mortarr Subscriber: Meteor Lighting

Pro Team: ZGF Architect, MATT Construction, Arup, Volume Inc., SPMDesign, GPA Consulting, Unisource Solutions

Certifications: LEED Gold

A landmark project for Meteor, this project entailed the overhaul of a large timber-framed hangar originally constructed in 1943 by Howard Hughes, the famed businessman, film producer and pilot. Over 360 of Meteor’s Signum 10 luminaires are installed throughout.


Mortarr Subscriber: Garden on the Wall

Pro Team: Revel Architecture & Design

A stylish, modern office facility featuring all the amenities and attractions that leading, progressive companies have on tap – including two biophilic masterpieces by Garden on the Wall® gracing two free-standing interior walls. The garden installations transform the industrial office environment, lending refreshing greenery that brings the outdoors indoors.

Photos courtesy of Revel Architecture & Design.


Mortarr Subscriber: SageGlass

Pro Team: SVPA Architects, T.Fin Building Solutions, KDC, HKS, weitz

For Sammons Financial Group, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of collaborative, comfortable working spaces, and showed company leaders that investing in a new custom-designed office building was the right move.


Durasein's solid surface material is as tough as it is beautiful. Made of two-thirds natural minerals and one-third of high-performance acrylic resin and pigments, this stone-like material is easy to clean and resists scratches, stains, chemicals, heat, and mildew. It’s food-safe, non-toxic, antibacterial, and suitable for indoors and out — from furniture surfaces to ceilings to walls and everything in between.


Mortarr Subscriber: Woodwright

Pro Team: Sabre Commercial, Inc., Lauckgroup

The Atlassian offices in Austin, Texas used Woodwright hardwood for the flooring, stair, and walls within the interior of the space.


Mortarr Subscriber: framery

Pro Team: PION Studio

Certifications: Environmental Product Declarations, GreenGuard, Health Product Declaration

Framery creates premium acoustic solutions that are recognized for uncompromising attention to detail and quality. Framery O is a perfect example. The wide range of exterior color and fine-detail options allow you to customize the O pod according to your company's specific needs.

Looking for even more corporate office project ideas? Head to and explore office design inspiration, products, and pros.

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