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Sustainable Design

Published June 10, 2021

Top 5 Green Walls on Mortarr

Green walls are a growing trend in the commercial design industry


By Halee Miller

Staff Writer

By definition, green walls are a vertically built structure covered with vegetation. Architects and designers are bringing nature indoors with these striking installations, also referred to as vertical gardens — and for good reason. Green walls provide an inviting and calming aesthetic to any space, but they do a lot more than just look good.


If a green wall is a live one, the natural air purification alone is enough for many businesses to install their own vertical garden. According to a study conducted by Ambius, almost half of US workers have taken a day off of work due to the physical effects of their office’s poor air quality. Headaches, dizziness, dry throat and congestion are all common symptoms that can be decreased with the installation of a living green wall. 

Better air quality, mental clarity, higher productivity, reduced stress, and good design. What’s not to love? Discover the top five green walls on Mortarr and how they have seamlessly integrated nature and design — just as it should be.


Mortarr Subscriber: Garden on the Wall

Pro Team: HLW International LLP

Certifications: LEED Certified

Towering two stories tall, Garden on the Wall’s double-sided green wall installation is the show-stopper of the Fidessa office building. Flanking the floating staircase, preserved mosses, forest, and flower foliage create an eye-catching biophilic design for all who enter the open and modern building. The architectural feature also incorporates cut out windows to create openness and a flow of light from both sides of the wall. Since the wall is made of preserved plants, no soil, sun, or water is necessary to feel the rejuvenating visual effects of a green wall. 


Mortarr Subscriber: Natura

Pro Team: Corgan Associates, Hill & Wilkinson, Purdy-McGuire

Natura, a Texas-based horticultural design and installation firm, provided the live interior plants and green wall systems throughout the main gallery of the Kubota North America Headquarters office building. Natura aided Kubota in making their employees the main priority of the office design. Employees can now be reconnected with nature while working in their urban built environment — the best of both worlds. 


Mortarr Subscriber: BASWA Acoustic North America

Pro Team: DTACC Architecture, Michel Sarl

The lobby of the French Hotel Le Saint-Antoine has us daydreaming. Contrasting the neutral furniture of the room, the lush green wall is adorned with intricate shelving and even a small fireplace. Green walls are a perfect way to bring living nature into urban environments, just like in this modern lobby. An assortment of carefully curated plants, usually types of evergreens, are used to create a beautiful and visually-interesting display. Green walls are great at welcoming guests and putting them at ease within the space. 


Every client’s eyes are instantly drawn to the two living moss walls that surround R&R Realty Group’s familiar logo in the company’s lobby. Spark Design helped accomplish R&R’s goal of creating an inviting, healthy, and successful office space for their employees and clients with this green wall installation. The moss wall stands out strikingly against the clean, white marble floors of the lobby. Highlighting nature in  a high-end office space is a beautiful thing to see.  


Mortarr Subscriber: Naava

Breathe in, breathe out — something so simple, yet so important. As a fully automated green wall manufacturer, NAAVA knows more than anyone how vital good air quality is. When their self-watering, self-nourishing air purification device is utilized in an office space, the employees themselves are all the evidence we need. NAAVA’s live green walls optimize air quality and humidity 100 times more efficiently than regular green walls — producing more creative, productive, and happy employees with less mental fatigue. 

Looking for even more green wall project ideas? Head to and explore green wall design project inspiration, products, and pros.

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