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Published August 18, 2021

Pushing the Boundaries

Fluxwerx does it again with Frame and Notch 1.


By Halee Miller

Staff Writer

The architectural lighting product design pioneers’ at Fluxwerx recently launched two new products — Frame and Notch 1 — and they do not disappoint


The designs of Frame and Notch 1 are based on the minimalist and geometric aesthetic of their iconic Red Dot-awarded Profile Mini and in true Fluxwerx fashion, take things to a whole other level.


Profile Mini represents a re-scaled addition to the minimalist architectural aesthetic of Fluxwerx’s original Profile series, which is achieved through continued advancements in optics technology. So too do their two newest products—Profile Mini Frame and Notch 1. With these new products, the Fluxwerx team continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in design by leveraging their knowledge of advanced optics. These products integrate unique optical approaches to again deliver to the design community this uncompromising balance of design and performance.

Frame — Minimalist Aesthetic

Profile Mini Frame is available in three forms and sizes. Choose the discrete pendant from two or four foot squares and triangles or even a two-feet by four-feet rectangular design. Only two inches in height, and powered by aircraft cables with no visible power cords, Frame is a stunning option, delivering maximum design flexibility for a myriad of architectural applications.


Adaptable for any environment and condition with its various output and optical distribution options, the subtle illumination is also available with an independent up-down lighting control option to give you all the ambient power for your space.

Notch 1 — A Simple Line, Narrowed

Featured in a reduced scale version of the Fluxwerx Notch family, Notch 1 is a recessed LED luminaire that is the definition of a high performance and minimalistic lighting option. Complete with a linear void with an aperture under 1.5” — it doesn’t get much more minimal than that. 


The unconventional luminaire features factory pre-mitred 90° corners and optional end details like Fluxwerx’s revolutionary Dado end. This end allows the recessed channel to extrude through the face of vertical drywall, delivering clean and subtle ambiance to any plane with linear runs.

Discover the minimalist beauty of Frame and Notch 1 in Fluxwerx’s Mortarr profile or at


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