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Published December 30, 2021

Best Of | Forum by Mortarr 2021

Featuring: Dri-Design, DIRTT, HOK, Fort Makers, Gensler, Durasein, and more.


You came, you read, you stayed. From NeoCon 2021’s most memorable, to all things DIRTT, to celebrating the life of a legend, these are the Forum by Mortarr’s most read articles in 2021. 


#10 | Mortarr Awarrds MMXXI Finalists

Celebrating the most inspiring pros and brands in the commercial construction and design industry in 2020.

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#9 | Our Most Memorable from NeoCon 2021

Elevator lines and stairwells weren't as crazy; Starbucks still was. While NeoCon 2021 was smaller than previous years, it's hard to deny the joy of being mask-to-mask with the industry's best.

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#8 | A Copper Showstopper

Dri-Design’s aluminum panels match innovation for innovation.

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#7 | Avoiding The Great Resignation

DIRTT breaks down why construction leaders are looking to technology, adaptability, and the comforts of home to keep employees in the era of hybrid work.

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Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 3.52.31 PM.png

#6 | How Hotels and the Hospitality Industry Can Bounce Back From Covid-19

HOK share insights.

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#5 | The Future Classroom

Kids design the darndest things.

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#4 | A Children’s Classic Comes to Life

Fort Makers reimagines Goodnight Moon.

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#3 | The Great Idea Maker

Celebrating the life and legacy of Art Gensler.

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#2 | Movement Matters

Discover Veined decors from the masterminds at Durasein.

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#1 | Designing for the Human Experience

DIRTT gathers design iconoclasts to share their views on why adaptability is key to resilience.

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